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Use innovative technologies!

Printed batteries are thin and flexible.


They are available in two types:

→ High power type (stacked)
→ High flexibility type (co-planar)

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perfect your results

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I support you in the design and manufacture of printed batteries. My consulting is tailor-made for printed electronics. I will be pleased to help you develop new business contacts and accompany the cooperation.

my person

Dr. Martin Krebs

Printing batteries is new. I have a lot of experience in this field. In addition, I have a large network of potential cooperation partners.

  • Physicist and Electrochemist (TU Clausthal)
  • R&D activities at VARTA
  • Since 2005 printed batteries
  • Active in the OE-A
  • Start of PrintaBattery in 2022

My partners

Benefit from cooperation with my business partners.

Production Process


Cooperation Accompaniment


Economies of scale

Hochschule der Medien HdM

Prof. Dr. Gunter Huebner

Managing director of
Innovative Anwendung der Drucktechnologien (IAD)

Nobelstr. 10
70569 Stuttgart, Germany

Elmeric GmbH

Dipl.-Ing. Werner Fink

Owner and managing director

Haigerlocherstr. 18
72414 Rangendingen, Germany

Dr. Martin Krebs



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Papers and talks

Wendler M, Steiner E, Claypole T C and Krebs M 2014 Performance optimization of fully printed primary (ZnMnO2) and secondary (NiMH) batteries Journal of Print and Media Technology Research III 241–51, 02/2014

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